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Our Projects . . .

1) We have to make our young women and men proud that they are Haitian, respect their flag and country through a trivia game (questions/answers) "Instruction Civique et Morale"

2) We have the ambition to make you respect and honor our ancestors who gave their lives for our freedom through a Video Game called "Onè Anperè Jn Jacques Dessalines"

3) We will be putting together an electronic magazine, where we will promote all the historical places (Caves, Forts, Basins, Palaces and culture) "ANNFELANSANM  e-Magazine

Picture of the Palace in the video game to honor Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines
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Let's bring you live videos of the places you will visit while playing the game.

You will have to honor the Father of the Nation and all our other heroes, you will visit the caves, ride horses, boats, motorcycles and cars, we also put a drone at your disposal so that you can have an idea of the field even before you start playing the game. We guarantee that when you're done, you will feel connected to your ancestors. It will be an experience that will mark you for the rest of your life. . . 

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Video while testing the game

Let's enjoy few clips while we were testing the game. So you can see and have a some ideas of the atmosphere...

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Your culture is your identity

The only way for a true freedom is when we take our destiny into our own hands... In order to do that, we have to teach our culture to the children from elementary school, so they understand their history, and proud of who they are, that will help them respect the mother land, honor the ancestors who gave their lives for our freedom, respect the historical places such as the Forts, Caves, the Basins, and our Flag which is the symbol of our pride, zero tolerance for any Haitians who betrayed the country by any means.  

We in ANFELANSANM are making the decision to promote a master piece that helped us in the past to learn to love our country and respect our flag and ready to die for it. The book is "Instruction Civique et Morale" we do not have the authority to promote it in our education system but we encourage you to support the game that you can play on your computers, phones, tablets, etc. It is a quiz game that you can play with or without images. We have a total of more than 300 questions. . .

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