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Our Story

It was in the era of KOVID 19, we were sitting at home thinking about Haiti: our natural resources, culture, and the trouble our brothers and sisters are facing. Witnessing all the engineered leaders at the head of the country leading it deeper and deeper into poverty. We were also thinking of the fathers of our nation who sacrificed their lives to make us free man and women today, shortly after, an inexplicable emotion that was released inside us, let inspired us to create a game where all Haitians around the world will have the opportunity to honor virtually the heroes of our independence, specially “Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines” Something that they never wanted us to do. This is how we also came about this website ( a platform for all our Haitian to give their ideas for the prosperity of Haiti. Our goal is to discover and present all the hidden treasures of the country. Listen to your heartbeat when you are exposed to this project to know if it is time to join us to raise Haiti for future generations.

On this platform:

1) We will learn about our ancestors who gave their lives for our freedom

2) Promote our culture (Agriculture, Dance, Music, Sports, Spirituality, and History)

3) Embrace all projects that will bring value for the country and we are up to the challenge.

Please let us connect your voice with ours, our mind with your spirits to chart the path of freedom and save the next generation.

We have done it before and we can do it again.  

a) We want to inter-connect the departments through the railway system.

b) Renovate all forts and turn them into places of attraction.

c) Reinvent the way we farm. Just to name a few; sugar, coffee, cotton and cocoa.

"L'Union Fait La Force" which means "Together we are strong: (ANNFELANSANM)

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